We specialize in the design of wood moldings for floors. Every day, we achieve uncompromising quality and ensure a steady supply for our floor industry clients without fail.




Founded in 1984:
The original company was known under the name of CG Plancher (or CG Flooring) by Daniel Coté and Gilles Grenier as a floor covering contractor installing, sanding, staining and coating unfinished hardwood flooring.


In 1991:

The founders opened their first showroom and switched their focus to the prefinished hardwood floor sales and installation of prefinished hardwood flooring.


In 1993:
With the rapid growth of prefinished flooring sales and strong demands by many regional Floor Covering Contractors and Retailers: as sub-contractor, they started manufacturing prefinished hardwood moldings, exclusively for BOA-FRANC Inc. the manufacturer of the MIRAGE prefinished hardwood flooring.


In 2004:
After many building expansions and the addition of state-of-the-art equipment, they are force to relocate all their factory equipment and office operation in a much bigger and more modern building.


In 2007:
CG Flooring is acquired by Rock Therrien. A 22 years veteran in the manufacturing and the sales of prefinished hardwood flooring and prefinished hardwood stairs.


In 2008:
Immediately after completing the acquisition, new leading edge manufacturing equipment were added with some automation equipment. After completion,CG Flooring started soliciting molding businesses from other hardwood flooring manufacturers, distributors and/or large flooring contractors in Canada.


In 2012:
Bastien Therrien takes over the leadership and General management of CG Flooring .Few months in this new position, Bastien T. started the refocusing and realigning off all the operations by closing down its retail showroom with other sub-contracting works, and by concentrating 100% of its operation on prefinishing moldings and some prefinished accessories , often requested by most of its prefinished moldings customers.


The company name has evolved to CG Hardwood Molding Inc.. Beside the General Management of the company. Every day CG’s TEAM strive to surpass itself. They have learned and mastered all the details of all manufacturing equipment, the manufacturing and prefinishing processes or secrets of prefinished moldings, for an undisputed flooring match.


Whatever the species, the profile, the texture, the color, the finish or delivery time of the prefinished molding the customers are looking for: CG’s TEAM always achieve uncompromising QUALITY and meet the customer expectations.


CG’s TEAM have adopted a clear commitment to Continuous Improvements, QUALITY, INNOVATION and GROWTH. CG’s TEAM is reviewing, fine-tuning and implementing its business development plan


Dare to compare ! The QUALITY of our molding match CONSISTENCY.