CG Plancher provides many advantages that make your life easier and help you better serve your clients.


Here are a few…


A strong team

Our expert team strives for uncompromising excellence. Its members understand that the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We keep abreast of new trends. With an eye to the future, we look for new equipment and implement new work methods to improve our hardwood moldings while ensuring the best possible products and services.


Finishing possibilities



Thanks to our high-precision equipment and expert staff, we are committed to delivering the highest quality moldings. We provide quick, error-free production regardless of the length, varnish, finish or type of floor molding required.


4 types of wood finishes

Oiled finish

Satin finish

Matte finish

Semi-gloss finish

Our colors match



From the most basic of colors to the rarest, we can reproduce any hardwood floor color you want. We keep a registry of every color formulation devised in our workshop. This reference tool allows us to quickly reproduce whatever color we developed in the past. We probably already have the color you are looking for.


Over the years, our professional TEAM have developed and have acquired a large knowledge and strong expertise with all type of profiles in the surface matching for all type of flooring. CG Hardwood Molding can make special or custom dimension or sizes with all type of specialty surfaces matches… such as wire-brushed, light distressed, heavy hand-scrapped, 2 tone colors, etc…

Wire-brushed moldings


Distressed moldings

Two tones moldings



We ensure the fastest delivery with the right color match in the business. We based our production on flexibility to reduce leadtime and keep the best turnaround time for your late orders. Our moldings program is based on your needs.


  • No minimum
  • Flexibility
  • Fast turnaround
  • Short leadtime


All over our manufacturing process, we validate and measure our quality with clear specs. From kiln dried lumber to expedition, severals point of control ensures the highest standard of the industry.

Quick and reliable delivery



Every molding is individually bagged and packaged in a specially designed box for transportation to you or your customer. No detail is spared to deliver a pristine product that meets the highest quality standards. We provide speedy delivery throughout North America.